Hagioslavica is designed as a project in development aiming at granting access – by means of modern technologies – to the medieval Slavic hagiographic heritage. What is going to be shown first is the so-called Stanislavs Мenologion (Stanislav's Četi-Minei) – a valuable fourteenth century manuscript written on parchment and kept at St St Cyril and Methodius National Library in Sofia.

Hagioslavica grants access to copies of all the pages of the manuscript and to a critical apparatus, i.e. codicological and bibliographic data. The online edition of Stanislavs Мenologion provides those who are interested in medieval Slavic studies worldwide with the opportunity to do their scholarly work on specific aspects of the manuscript or on some broader topics related to the South Slavic hagiography of the Middle Ages.



Bulgarian Science Fund

SS. Cyril and Methodius National Library

St. Clement of Ohrid University of Sofia